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Abstracts can be submitted to Structured and Regular Sessions. The Congress Organisers reserve the right to shift accepted abstracts between sessions.

Structured Sessions are organised by scientists of acknowledged reputation who define the scope of the sessions, personally invite authors, review abstracts of contributed papers, schedule the papers, and finally chair the sessions.

List of the Regular Sessions:

T01 RS1Acoustic imaging and acoustic detection

(Lars Håkansson, Sweden)

T01 RS2Measurement techniques and sensors

(Lixue Wu, Canada)

T01 RS3Location and focussing

(Mitsunori Mizumachi, Japan)

T01 RS4Analysis, perception and render of 3D spatial sound

(Mitsunori Mizumachi, Japan)

T01 RS5Measurement uncertainty in acoustics

(Massimo Garai, Italy)

T01 RS6Instrumentation for sound and vibration measurements and analyses

(Mitsunori Mizumachi, Japan)

T02 RS1Active structural acoustic control

(Shunsuke Ishimitsu, Japan)

T03 RS1Aircraft cabin noise and vibration control

(Ricardo Musafir, Brazil)

T03 RS2Aviation noise

(Shojiro Kaji, Japan)

T04 RS1Community and environmental noise

(Luis Bento Coelho, Portugal)

T04 RS2Passive noise and vibration control

(Luis Bento Coelho, Portugal)

T04 RS3Noise mapping and noise control in urban agglomerations

(Luis Bento Coelho, Portugal)

T04 RS4Soundscape

(Keiichi Zempo, Japan)

T05 RS1Structural intensity methods in practice

(Takefumi Nakano, Japan)

T05 RS2Acoustic radiation force in biomedical applications

T05 RS3Physical acoustics

(Noboru Nakasako, Japan)

T05 RS4Noise regulations

T05 RS5Passive noise and vibration control

(Hans Boden, Sweden)

T05 RS6Cavitation and materials science

T06 RS1Occupational and environmenal vibration

(Kazuhiko Kawahara, Japan & Dariusz Pleban, Poland)

T06 RS2Occupational and environmental noise

(Kazuhiko Kawahara, Japan & Dariusz Pleban, Poland)

T07 RS1Condition monitoring and vibration testing

(Kijimoto Shinya, Japan)

T07 RS2Fault diagnosis and prognosis

(Kiminobu Nishimura, Japan)

T07 RS3Machinery health monitoring

(Kiminobu Nishimura, Japan)

T08 RS1Sound absorption materials

(Jorge Arenas, Chile & Kimihiro Sakagami, Japan)

T09 RS1Human response to noise and vibration

(Katsuya Yamauchi, Japan)

T09 RS2Bioacoustics

(Haydar Aygun, United Kingdom)

T09 RS3Otoacoustic emissions and cochlear modelling

T09 RS4Speech Intelligibility and Enhancement

(Simone Graetzer, United Kingdom & FİLİZ BAL KOÇYİĞİT, Turkey)

T10 RS1Environmental road transport noise

(Yoshifumi Chisaki, )

T11 RS1Room acoustics

(John Davy, Australia & Toru Otsuru, Japan)

T11 RS2Building noise and vibration

(Jin Yong Jeon, & Toru Otsuru, Japan)

T12 RS1Modal and finite analysis for acoustics and vibration

(Len Gelman, United Kingdom & Masanori Akita, Japan)

T12 RS2Rotor dynamics simulation for acoustics and vibration

(Zhushi Rao, China)

T12 RS3Pattern recognition for acoustics and vibration

(Len Gelman, United Kingdom & Masanori Akita, Japan)

T12 RS4Vibro-acoustic holography and virtual field generation


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