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Poster Session Manual


  • Configuration of panel booths

     Panel board: One (90 cm wide x 210 cm high)

  •  Equipment and materials prepared by the Committee

(1) Panel board One (90 cm wide x 210 cm high)

(2) Thumbtacks to attach panels to panel boards

(3) No internet access provided.

         (4) No electric power provided.

  • Exhibitors are required to prepare:

(1)  Printed poster, research contents attached to and
presented on the panel board ( in English )

A)    No regulations on format and size.
       Please include the ICSV25 logo at your poster.
       However, the contents should be displayed within
       the single panel board.
       For size, see “Panel Board Image.”

B)    Thumbtacks are available.
       If you use a Styrofoam panel, prepare and bring
       suspension tools and materials including curved
       crooks and chains.

(2)  Panel presenters

Panel presenters have to be registered to participate in ICSV2018.  


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